You’re in the right place, at the right time

If designing and purchasing lighting for new construction projects is part of your job, realize how lucky you are to be doing this in 2021!

A decade or two past, your selection was weak. Glaringly-industrial fluorescents. Pricey impractical fixtures. There wasn’t a whole lot to offer your clients. But that world is flickering fast. Looking ahead, quite possibly sometime soon all today’s innovative new fixtures will be old news. Then it’ll be a challenge to present your clients with something truly unique.

But today’s your day of glory

Now, in 2021, LED options abound!
Linear lighting is the eye-candy of 2021 Picassos. It allows free-form art on the canvas of space. Gone are the symmetrical, predictable layouts and bland patterns of your childhood. The new rule in lighting is that there are no rules, and designers everywhere are giddy with the excitement of freedom.

The best buyer wins

You know best what your clients want.That’s why they trust you.
They know you’ll bring them fixtures that are:


Our popular fixtures and extrusion channels, available in various sizes, colors and installation options, are selling almost faster than we can stock them. But even if they’re used in every single construction project, they’ll always look fresh and original, because they can be configured into endless design options. So pick up some samples here and wow your customers with fixtures that are both functional and ambient.

Beneath the bright surface

You’re a savvy shopper. If you’re going to present your clients with an innovative line, it’s got to be quality you can stand behind. So you’ll be happy to know that our products all:

Are a breeze to install
Are dimmable and/or color adjustable
Align with sensors and connectors
Are certified by cULus, DCL, or ETL
Feature high CRI numbers
Carry excellent warranties

We’ve been in the trenches

Quite literally. As seasoned electricians, we’ve done it all, from trenchwork to plan revisions to installation of every imaginable fixture. We know the plaster-falling-in-my-face-why-won’t-this-box-fit?!? moments that drain the energy out of the best guys. We get it. We work hard to design components that resolve the problems we’ve experienced.

For us, happiness is RE-ORDERS

When your client gives you positive reports days, weeks—even years after installation, and you keep coming back for more, that’s a high point for us.

We look forward to giving you—and your customers—our absolume best! 


Questions? We’re listening!